#354 Divide and conquer

Do you know how to eat an elephant? Right. One bite at a time.

It's the same way with stressing holiday projects and worrisome healing projects. If an idea or task is so big - and your strength so depleted - that you can't imagine how you're ever going to manage... break it up.

Divide the task into smaller more manageable chunks and plan which need to be done first and which can wait till later. For example now with my moving, I've had to use this way of thinking all the time. The whole idea of moving midwinter (my worst time for pain) seems pretty stupid right now, but no regrets. It will turn out great. I divide the huge and intimidating "MOVING" project into different parts, and each of those into smaller parts and each of those into lists of activities. Today all I need to do is paint a wall and make a phone call, and I'm still on track.

If I'm really tired and can only do one thing a day, that's still a whole lot more than nothing, and if I keep doing things that lead in the right direction I'll get there in time.

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