#360 Go on a photo safari

I like visual aids. When I want to improve my mood, I always try to look for what's beautiful around me. Even when my surroundings are dull, dreary or straight out ugly, it's always possible to find something colorful, pretty or fascinating to look at.

With a small digital camera or a good camera cell phone I am always ready to document the beauty that surrounds me and I can even capture it and bring it home! Just as I try to remember to document good days to keep my happy memories vivid, these pictures captured on my various photo safaris can be a great support as I go through pain flares and longer periods home bound because of chronic pain.

I only recently read that images of nature have been proved to provide pain relief, but this must be something I've known intuitively. I have a whole folder just with pictures of the sky, and another one with trees during different seasons. The smallest, presumably insignificant, things can be tremendously beautiful if captured up close and lifted out of their context. When brought home to my hard disc, these images can serve as reminders of the wonderful world around me - and function as safe mood enhancers when I'm going through a bad pain phase.

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