omg SPRING!!!

I walked underneath these cherry tree blossoms on my way to the office this morning... huge fluffy pink clouds of flowers... woooow :) reminds me that watching beautiful nature can provide pain relief. Now that summer is coming, I'm expecting - or hoping for - a significant decrease in muscle pain. 

As this has been a pretty bad winter pain-wise, I've been taking measures to take care of myself and get control of the pain spiral. Needing more rest, I've had to spend most of my energy on exercise, mental training and pain relief efforts. Apart from the cardio-workouts, frequent hot baths and cold showersphysical distraction, meditation, spiky rest on my endorphin producing accupressure mat, I've taken up morning yoga, and gone to some rather drastic measures when it comes to dietary changes (more about that later). 

Besides Kristine, my super-awesome PT who's helping me get in shape with a specialized training program, I have a new physiotherapist who is bullying me around these days. He's been zapping me for my posture and getting me started with the TENS unit again.

*phew* Living with a chronic ailment is pretty time consuming... and with three? Sometimes it seems like I hardly have time for anything else!

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