Pain relieving cardio

It's easy to fall into a negative pain spiral during the winter months. When the streets and sidewalks are covered with snow and ice as they are now, I tend to get stuck indoors a lot and gradually get less energy and more pain.

I know that increasing my heart rate regularly helps circulation, which directly affects my pain levels, increases my metabolism and releases pain relieving endorphins. But when getting to a gym and back takes more energy than I have, I need to start closer to home.

For a professional patient, exercise has to be easy to do at home and also fun.

Talking to personal trainers I have heard that increasing stamina is best done by adding short high intensity intervals. Adapted to my current state I've decided to start getting in better shape this week by doing micro cardio workouts 3 times a day to get my circulation going and my heart rate pumping. Starting with 3 x 90 seconds aerobic exercise either by dancing, stair climbing, squats or running in place I'll see if I can build up to 3 x 3 minutes by the end of the week, hoooray :)

Motivation is important here... but I know that the hardest thing is getting started, and once I start feeling results I will get a motivation boost!!

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