First weekly challenge...

Since it's my very first pain-free challenge, I want to start out with something basic yet important.


My posture affects my pain. It's somehow the very basis of how I use my body... my physical "setpoint" in a way. A good posture improves circulation and decreases stress on muscles, tendons and discs, thereby preventing muscloskeletal pain and stimulating overall health.

I have average-to-alright posture I guess, but I have a tendency to slump my neck and shoulders, and a tendency to favor my right side. The slumping neck and shoulders really provokes the neck pain from my whiplash injury, this is something I know, yet keep forgetting... It can set off really bad migraines, but if I just remember to straighten my neck and tuck in my chin, many of those can be avoided.

When I continually favor my right side, I place extra strain on my lumbar spine, by building unbalanced musculature there.

I don't really know if I'll be able to do anything about this in just a week, I guess I have to start with building awareness, and maybe having a signal that reminds me to check and correct my posture every hour or so? When I get into it I may be able to start doing some balance training that promotes good posture, but as a beginning I think I'm just going to challenge myself to improve my posture as much as possible as often as possible this week.

... And I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Känner du till Alexanderteknik? Det är populärt här i England bland musiker och andra som arbetar med kroppen som redskap. Det är intressant i den meningen att man jobbar med medvetenhet innan en rörelse, riktning och får med hela kroppen i ett skönare mer arbete med kroppen istället för emot den. Berättar gärna mer . Bästa lycka med ditt nya år!!

  2. Jaaa, jag tänkte på Alexanderteknik när jag skrev om detta - har fått en grundläggande införing av en dam som kan jättemycket om det. Har du som musiker fått undervisning i det?