...and enter 2011!!! It's been two weeks already, 12 days of which I have been a mostly horizontal, feverish and sniffling mess - trying to reason with a cold that turned nasty.

I have a little message for my readers and fellow pain survivors here at 365 pain-free days, and just because technology is so fun, I decided to do it in video:

New year, new challenges, right? Well I have decided to turn a leaf on my blogging, and start living as I learn. By implementing gradual change and focusing on one thing at a time, I wonder just how healthy I can become...


  1. Hurra! Jeg gleder meg til fortsettelsen :-D
    Kanskje du kan legge det ut som "ukens utfordring" eller noe slikt på facebooksiden så andre kan hive seg på og dele erfaringer?

  2. Superbra idé Tonje Elizabeth!! Det skal jeg jaggu gjøre :)