It works!!

Day 8 of micro cardio workouts and it's thumbs up for this test, this actually helps my muscle pain! Lately I've had pretty bad neck pain and muscle pain daily, but I've noticed significant reduction this last week while testing out micro cardio workouts - even with certain slips. Maybe it's too soon to say for certain, but so far it definitely feels like getting my pulse up and circulation going for at least 90 seconds several times a day is helping on the general "aches and pains" and bringing my pain level down.

I'm going to keep working on cardio and see if that also helps my energy levels. If I have more energy I'll be able to get more active again after a bad pain period this winter. My goal is to be able to do a decent 4x4 interval session three times this week... without overdoing it.

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  1. Being active really give us a lot of benefits especially with our health. Continue doing this exercise surely you will be fine and the pain will be gone.