Weddings and family fun

I've been in New York celebrating my brother's wedding this weekend, it was terrific fun and very touching - they'd written this awesome speech/sketch they performed as part of the ceremony that just had us all laughing and crying...

...and in tune with my last few blog entries, I promise you I was doing a whole lot of dancing at the wedding!

Then the flight back to Sweden, some minor jet lag issues (plus ouch, back pain), and now Samuel and I are relaxing with family in the forest... I am spending my time swimming in the lake, picking berries, playing with my nieces and generally having a great time.

And that means that the blog is taking a short summer holiday! I've decided taking care of myself and enjoying some downtime is more important that blog-publishing every single day, even though I am writing 365 tips in 365 days:)

So, see you all on Monday next week, and hope you're all having a great summer too!

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  1. what a beautiful wedding pix! And I love how you're bringing together two different cultures and worlds, all into one family. Yay!!!!