#240 Hang out in the shade

Here in Sweden we are already starting to feel the beginning of autumn, but we still have some nice and warm weeks ahead if we're lucky. Living with chronic pain means I have to rest quite a lot and often that means spending all of my time indoors, looking at life passing by outside the windows. A few years ago some good friends bought me this wonderful mayan hammock, which has room for two (we've even been three + a dog at one time!), and which supports my spine perfectly.

When I lived in the forest I would I hang the hammock permanently between two beautiful birch trees overlooking the lake, and I would bring my book and a warm blanket out there and just hang out for hours every day. These days I keep the hammock in my car, so I can drive to a park and hang out there. This way I can be outside, getting fresh air and seeing something else than my bedroom ceiling - while still resting in an ergonomically safe environment that does not provoke more pain.

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