No pills!

Wow!!! I just had one of those "A-ha" moments... I looked at a box of ibuprofen and realized that ... I haven't had to take any painkillers for quite a while, at least four or five days!? That may be a new record since my straight edge experiment in september... which ended shortly after I wrote about how well it was working - having gone 5 weeks with low pain and no meds.

The last months have been tougher, and I've had to take painkillers almost daily again. Scandinavia winters will never be easy for my body I guess, and moving right in the coldest part of the year may not have been a good idea. But now something is helping, even though it's been freezing cold and I've been working quite a lot. I have a little pain but not above 5 on the VAS scale... Hoorrayy :D

The funny part is when I realize this without even having thought about whether I was taking medicine or not. The pain simply hasn't been so bad... out of body, out of mind: Yay!!!


  1. Yay, that´s great! I´m happy for you!

  2. That is good news! It is always nice, to share a god experience. You can make other people se the spot of light in the end of the tunnel. Remember, the reason you can feel the difference is because you know what a bad day feels. Otherwise we cannot know. Have a nice time!

  3. Hei
    Da har jeg lagt meg til som følger her. Leste om deg i hjemmet. Jeg skal lese masse her, driver med egencoaching på meg selv hver eneste dag, så kjekt å lese om deg og hvordan du endrer tankemønster rundt smerter.
    Dette er faktisk kjempviktig, Altfor mange setter seg ned og gir opp, eller pleier vondten som jeg sier. Viktig og fokusere på andre ting.
    Gleder meg til å følge deg videre.

  4. @Kaffedamen :D

    @Superjensern Thank you, that's well said!!

    @Fru R: Velkommen til bloggen!! Håper du kan finne ideer og tanker her som inspirerer deg til å finne smertemestringsløsninger som funker for deg :)