Paying the price of enthusiasm...

Ten days of level 6-9 pain after one botched pilates class... what's up with that?! It's been a gnawing constant ache in my neck and upper back for the last week, inflammation? Overstretching? I don't know what it is, only that whatever it was that went wrong has set off my old pain so now I'm right in the middle of a strong flare.

I went to the doctor - new doctor in my new hometown - and apart from telling me that neck pain is a typical "woman problem" he didn't offer much help. I'm now quickly losing faith in all drug-free forms of pain relief and wishing there was something more radical I could do.

This is typically depressing, I was doing so well with new excercise, but now it's hard to push myself to do very much at all. I just want to be more like this...

and less like this...

So that's my news for now. Sorry for the depressing attitude, but I've said I wanted to "increase awareness about chronic pain" and this is the real deal... Seems like I'll be heading for a pain clinic in my new home country soon. I hope they don't have as long waiting lists as they do in Norway!


  1. Some days are like that...hang in there!
    Lana C.

  2. I went to a spin class at my local gym. There were about 10 people in it, the lights turned off and crazy techno music thumped super loud. The instructor, a substitute teacher, started everyone going and it was insanely intense. After about 5 minutes I was ready to start crying in pain and debating at least 20 times per minute leaving the class.

    Then I looked over to my left and saw what must have been a 70-year old woman. She was taking her time, going at her own pace, disregarding most of the instructions. I realized no one was forcing me to do anything - so I slowed down until my heart rate was less frantic and respected the pace that was best for my body.

    That lady was an inspiration to me. I wasn't anywhere near the same physical condition as the instructor, so how could I expect my body to do those things? It wasn't my enthusiasm that was trying to force me to keep up with him.

  3. Hello Anna!
    I am sorry to hear about your pain in your upper back and neck. Specially when your doctor says that is normal for a woman. It is not nice to hear. I believe you had more problem when you walked out the door when entered. Hope you will cope and find your own way further on.
    My own way to cope with that kind of problems is to use warm element in my chair and packages with rice ore wheat, warmed up in the microwave. I am also use warm clothes.
    Wish you all best!

  4. I was referred to your site through the US Pain Foundation and Nicole Hemmenway. I am a graduate design student working on designing tools to help people who experience chronic pain. I believe that we can give healing and support to each other in ways that technology and Western medicine can never replicate. Therefore, I hope to use technology and design to strengthen our natural ability to support and care for each other when we are in pain. As of now, I've designed a set of communication bands that helps people express or share pain with each other. I am writing to ask for your feedback on this idea. I've posted more details and information on my blog:

    Any feedback or advice you could share would be much appreciated! As I do not experience chronic pain at this point, I am dependent on the generosity and thoughtfulness of those with more experience to help me understand. Thank you!

  5. Thank you superjensern for the advice :) - I hope to have my bathtub installed soon so I can take hot baths again, that really helps my muscle pain.

    Lynnea: Haha, maybe when I'm 70 I will be that smart, and that good at setting boundaries! Definitely a good example:)

  6. I just found your blog. I literally cried because I have chronic pain for 6 months now and have had a really hard time finding ppl my age to relate to. Im 22 and they think i have fibro. Keep it up girl ! U made my day :)

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